I wanted to do this because I think that it´s really fun because I love my friends and I won't be seeing them so often now that we are going to college, so I thought this would be a good way to remember them.

Inspired by:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It feminine, football, and soccer image Temporarily removed chill, fun, and friends image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
My best guy friend, likes to play soccer, the "blondie" of the group, skinny complexion, Mr. popularity, "good guy" and a little bit sassy.
Temporarily removed Image by Sasscia volleyball image bed, chill, and idk image message and conversation image spongebob, meme, and funny image
Readhead, green eyes, a little bit of a jock, too dramatic sometimes, falls in love too quickly and it's the laugh of the group, life of the party kind of guy.
Temporarily removed sahar luna, sahar, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It study and studyblr image pizza, stranger things, and food image comedy, hilarious, and jokes image
Dark light skin, messy hair, smart ass, cute handwriting, love watching series, funny and easy talking girl.
hair, style, and aesthetic image girl, fashion, and hair image Temporarily removed Image removed enjoy, amigos, and dinner image Temporarily removed
Have a hate/love relationship w/her, "pretty girl", brown almost blond hair, tanned skin, sporty, popular, crazy at times, party girl, dancer.
hair, red, and aesthetic image beauty, aesthetic, and alternative image theatre, theater, and architecture image acting, cry, and crying image girl, black and white, and smile image Image removed
Black hair, pale skin, really pretty, loves to act, funny, really good friend.
Temporarily removed girl, ulzzang, and korean image aesthetics, body, and curves image fashion, outfit, and style image french, Joey, and movie image sex and the city, quotes, and charlotte image overlay image bitch, honest, and mad image
My best friend, we know each other since we were 10, black hair, Asian, curvy, stylish, good with languages, smart, bitchy, a year younger than me.
OC, aesthetic, and girls image body, summer, and girl image aesthetic, flower, and girl image quotes, power, and woman image art, decor, and diamonds image food, meme, and quote image Image removed ugly, honest, and sky image
Dark brown hair, tanned skin, glasses 24/7, brackets, love pizza, laugh at everything, brutally honest, a bitch sometimes.

That's it for today's article, I hope you liked and enjoyed!

À bientôt -XV

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