If I were a Celebrity

actress, aesthetic, and b&w image actress, beautiful, and Jennifer Lawrence image Temporarily removed Image by arzu
Jennifer Lawrence

If I were a Royal

crown and dress image crown, red, and aesthetic image flowers, red, and rose image red, pearls, and aesthetic image

If I were a Animal

cat, cute, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed cat, animal, and aesthetic image cat, animal, and aesthetic image

If I were a Cartoon Character

cartoon, rugrats, and nickelodeon image rugrats, cartoon, and angelica image Temporarily removed rugrats, 90s, and Cookies image
Angelic from Rugrats

If I were a Era of Years

pink, aesthetic, and phone image Temporarily removed Image removed paris hilton, pink, and jealous image
Year early 2000s

If I were a Country

food, croissant, and yummy image Image removed Image removed aesthetic, architecture, and beautiful image

If I were a Disney Princess

aesthetic, blue, and frozen image Temporarily removed background, beautiful, and beauty image disney, elsa, and frozen image
Elsa from Frozen

If I were a Fruit

Temporarily removed banana, yellow, and white image !, banana, and caution image Temporarily removed

If I were a Junk Food

Image removed chocolate and food image aesthetic, chocolate, and chocolates image chocolate, food, and sweet image