Hi♡ I finally got the chance to write something again. I was traveling with my dad, and that's how I got the idea for this article. We started in Buenos Aires, eating in different restaurants every day. Next stop was Bariloche, in which we traveled and got to know the entire city. And last, Mendoza, the International Capital of wine.

I got the idea of the article's name from Elizabeth Gilbert's book: Eat, Pray, Love. So basically I'm just going to tell you what we did in each place. I hope you like it♡

Buenos Aires

buenos aires, city, and highway image Image by Cris Figueiredo

The first restaurant we went to was Quotidiano. Pasta. Yummiest pasta in the whole city. I ate agnolotti di chicken. My dad ate a lasagna.

Next was La Cabrera. Meat. You basically can't come to Argentina and not eat meat. So that's exactly what we did. With french fries on the side.

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We went to El Mercado de San Telmo, lots of food there. We ate pizza. I have tried better ones, but it was still a yummy one.

El San Juanino was also a MUST. Empanadas. I ate 2: capresse and chicken.

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Then we went to La Brigada. Also meat. Also french fries. And obviously a good wine to drink during the night.

Dean & Dennys was the next day. Burgers. For the side we ordered french fries (again) with cheddar & bacon.

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I can't tell you how much I loved Pieggari. Pasta as great as the first restaurant I mentioned. And for dessert: profiteroles.

The best pizza I have ate in my entire life was in Guerrin, if you get the chance to visit Buenos Aires, this is the best place I can recommend you to go!

food, pasta, and spaghetti image food image

And for the last restaurant: Don Julio. Meat. Again. Great meat. With french fries...yes, again.


Oh what a city! What a town! It is winter here, and it had recently snowed when we got there. The Nahuel Huapi lake was the most breathtaking thing I have seen. Full of magic.

argentina, beautiful, and incredible image argentina, mundo, and world image

Circuito Chico: Cerro Campanario, Llao Llao, Cerro Lopez.
In the first one we had to get in a chairlift, with the view of a forest full of snow underneath. When we got to the top I saw the most beautiful view. It all seemed like a dream.

Llao Llao, a panoramic view of a hotel in the border of the Nahuel Huapi lake. I drank hot chocolate while looking at it. While walking in the snow.

Cerro Lopez was also a panoramic view, so pretty, so breathtaking. It's so lovely to see the world's nature with your eyes, not only on pictures.

amazing, argentina, and invierno image
view from Cerro Campanario
hotel llao llo image
panoramic view of the Llao Llao hotel

Bosque de Arrayanes & Isla Victoria: We got to both through a catamaran in the Nahuel Huapi lake, can you imagine how pretty that was!

First stop was Bosque de Arrayanes. A forest. Full of snow. It made me feel in Once Upon a Time. There's a tea house in between, which people say that Walt Disney went there, and that's how he got inspired for Bambi. The story is fake, but it's so nice to walk through the woods and think about Disney.

argentina, forest, and naturaleza image Image by Werkunegunda

Isla Victoria also made me feel in Once Upon a Time. We had a walking tour there, walking through the snow with the best view of the Nahuel Huapi. At the end it started raining, but it was still the best experience.

Temporarily removed Image by khattab77

Cerro Otto: We had to get there through a cable car, when we were almost at the top it started snowing. My first time seeing snow fall. So pretty.

argentina, montana, and nature image daffodils, flowers, and snow image

We ate at the Confiteria Giratoria, the only one in the country. Basically while you eat, you move and get the chance to see the view from every "corner" (it was a circle haha).

Leaving Bariloche was like leaving a fairytale that you wish you could re-live.


Last stop, the city of wine. The best wine.

We went on a bike through different wineries, I fell from the bike at the beginning because it was an electric bicycle and I just couldn't get the trick, I later changed to a normal one. The view and the wineries were great! We even got the chance to ride our bike with vineyards right next to us. So dreamy.

amazing, argentina, and clouds image argentina, mountains, and travel image

The next day we did a winery tour as well, but this time with a bus. We saw La Cordillera de los Andes while getting there, since it was in Lujan de Cuyo. I was listening to music during the trip, so it literally felt like a movie.

alternative, argentina, and mountain image argentina, grapes, and montana image

We did a lot of wine tastings. I definitely prefer white wine. Chardonnay, to be more specific. But I tried a Malbec, that was the yummiest drink ever.

There was this Wineyard we visisted: El Enemigo, that did their tour with a really fun dinamic. The place where the wine cellar was, is called "Hell". "Purgatory" was where they kept a small vineyard. You got to "Heaven" while getting up some stairs, reaching the roof. And finally, "Paradise" was when you did the wine tasting.

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Best experience ever.

In the middle of this entire trip was when I realized we were doing something similar to the book I mentioned. That book marked me. So it was great seeing it from that point of view. Made me happy.

I hope you loved reading this as much as I did writing it!♡

none of the pictures used are mine, the restaurants' or the wineries'
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