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1. what year are you going into?

i'm 16 but going into freshman year !

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2. what's your favorite part about getting ready for back to school?

buying new clothes <3 i just went to the mall and got a whole new wardrobe. i'm not used to treating myself as much as i did this year.

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3. what are you excited and nervous for this year?

excited for: meeting new people and trying new things!
nervous for: the pressure of homework and presentations. also, gym.

4. where do you get your inspiration from?

the main source is we heart it! other than whi, its probably instagram and youtube.

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5. what grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?

i've never worn a full face of makeup to school. i only sometimes put on eyeliner + mascara. i'd say just like grade 8, i guess? i was homeschooled for yearssss before so i never got to wear makeup during school until recently.

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6. what do you wear to school?

anything i want to as long as it doesn't violate the dress code! usually in winter i always wear a hoodie, and if not a hoodie then its whatever i deem suitable for that day.

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7. have you ever ditched or skipped classes?

nope, i'm too scared of getting into trouble haha. but i have skipped school on run days...

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8. what are 3 non-beauty essentials you have in your bag?

wallet, phone, earbuds

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9. composition book or notebook?


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10. pens or pencils?


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11. folders or binders?


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12. sticky notes or note cards?

i enjoy using both

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13. planner or unorganized?

i'm such a planner that i literally plan birthdays and xmas long before they're close to coming, aha.

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