Easy choices you can make to live with less waste

Hi everyone and welcome to my new article. Today we're gonna talk about zero waste and easy things you can do to live with less waste. Last months I started to seriously think about climate change and how we're destroying our planet. And I know one person will not let this stop but it's a beginning and one person will be become two and more and more and more.
One of my previous articles about things you can do to save the climate.
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Shop in zero waste shops
Every time I walk around in a normal grocery story I'm wondering ho many plastics are used for packaging the food. Me and my mother we love going to the zero waste shop here in our city. Since our first time there we haven't bought anything, we can find in the zero waste shop in a normal grocery store. It's an easy thing which makes a big difference.

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Use shampoo and conditioner bars
Before I started with using bars I had to open two new flacons every two weeks. In a year, that's a lot of plastic. I bought my shampoo and conditioner bar in our zero waste shop but you can also buy them on different sites online, just search it up. My experience with it is really good, you can use them for a long time and they do what they have to do.

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Use body soap and shaving bars
Shampoo and conditioner bars are obviously the things we think about first but last time my mother and I, we use a body soap and shaving bar too. The ones who use are from the brand (let's go to the bathroom to get a look) 'Balade'.

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Always bring your own bag
This one is quite easy but you have to think about it before you leave your house. I try to always use my tote bag (I have a rainbow one!!) but sometimes I forget it.

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Reusable water bottle, coffee cup, metal straw and lunch box

I try to don't forget my water bottle but sometimes I forget it home and sometimes I forget to fill it up so I went to school with an empty water bottle. I don't go to coffee places like Starbucks often (read never) so I don't need a reusable coffee cup but for those who do this really often this can be an amazing idea. Same with the straws, I don't use straws so I don't need a metal one but if you use a lot of straws you can maybe think about buying this. Using lunch boxes instead of aluminium foil is one of the easiest things you can do so please do it.

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Menstruation cup
I tried this but... I'm really sorry but I'm not a big fan I know it's my own fault because I did something wrong, stupid as I am. But if you do everything right this can be so helpful. You can lett it in for something like 8 hours and you don't have to use tampons or pads which are so many wastes. I promise I will try this again but just not now.

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Reuse the things you already have
You can buy a lot of things to live more zero waste but reusing what you already have is even better. The best example I can think about is this one. When my mother and I went to the zero waste shop she doesn't bring bocals of glass like the most other people because she is reusing the plastic jars she already has from the time we haven't thought about zero waste.

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Some nice ideas to reuse old stuff.

Buying second-hand things
If you have read my previous articles you probably now my love for second-hand things. We buy a lot of things on flea markets and garage sales, for example, are glass jars for food we bought them all on the flea market.

I wrote a whole article about second-hand and thrifted clothes. I will link it down below.

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Wooden toot brush, hairbrush, makeup brush...
I don't have to say a lot about this I think. At the moment you need something new from these things you can change from a plastic one to one in wood. Maybe it seems like something little but also the little things count.

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We're on the end of the article I hope you have enjoyed it a little bit and that I have given you some nice ideas. If you want more about this subject or there's something you want me to talk about, don't be scared to send me a message. (I don't bite) Be sure that you follow me so you don't have to miss my next articles.
Maybe you like those articles too. xx