~ quick disclaimer ~ I'm sorry if these ideas are not original enough for you but these ideas just came to my mind and I made a article about it
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so with that said let's begin:
1. a quote (in korean)

ghetto, ink, and Letter image Abusive image Mature image tattoo, flowers, and grunge image

2. dried flowers

tattoo, flowers, and ink image tattoo, flowers, and ink image aesthetic, beautiful, and body image art, flower, and tattoo image

3. butterflies

tattoo, butterfly, and art image tattoo, butterfly, and art image butterfly, ink, and insect image tattoo image

4. the moon

tattoo, moon, and flowers image Image by i ankle, art, and black image art, black, and body image

5. bees

Temporarily removed art, bee, and grunge image Temporarily removed beautiful, bee, and dainty image

6. songlyrics

tattoo and girl image arm tattoo, Lyrics, and meaningful image Lyrics, tattoo, and i smile image Temporarily removed

7. mythical creature(s)

dragon image tattoo, mermaid, and sea image aesthetic, africa, and animal image aesthetic, animal, and black image

8. travelrelated

tattoo, world, and travel image tattoo, travel, and world image tattoo, world, and friends image Temporarily removed

and that was all my tattoo inspo for today, a part 2 will come soon x
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