SO, I've picked out some pictures that I thought would be cool and inspiring for a little writing challenge! So this is for all of my writers and poets out there cause I'm now challenging you!!
For every picture I've picked underneath you'll have to come up with a poem! Let's get inspired and start writing! ๐Ÿ’“ Excited if some of you decide to do this challenge! Share it w me if you decide to do so โšก๏ธ


aesthetic, girl, and grunge image
Never thought you'd be the one
To break my heart
Never thought you'd be the one
You're with me now and the next minute you're gone
So unreliable, but yet I stay
Cause I'm scared this mess will be worse than what you'll leave me with in my head
Cause honey, my mind is a puzzle
That no one can solve
And I definitely can't solve it alone
But you'll be gone
I know you'll be gone..


pics, theme, and unfiltered image
Oh society, how could you take everything away from us?
Put us in schools but only made us fools
Made us believe
That we could be everything we wanted to be
Later to find out we're just bricks
In your stupid game
Getting used to pick up the trash for you every single day
Such a beautiful word
beautiful sound
We're rebels
You hear us?
We're rebels
We won't let you kill us


honeymoon, lana del rey, and music to watch boys to image
I've fallen more than once
My knees are broken and underneath my pillow I have my gun
You made me strong
But you were always wrong about me
I'm stronger than you ever knew and stronger than you'll ever see
In a beautiful sound of silence
I'll make your life a living hell
In a beautiful sound of silence
I'll make you wish you were dead

_Hope you guys will do this challenge? ๐Ÿ˜‡ See you very soon. Take care! Sending all my love ๐Ÿ’“

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