coffee or tea?

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hugs or kisses?

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books or movies?

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I absolutely love reading so books! I also love to draw a picture of the character of a book in my head and get frustrated if the actor looks completely different from my expectations

freckles or dimples?

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freckles- I think they are beautiful. I love the sun and they are a sign that the sun loves you, too.

dogs or cats?

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dogs- they are the most loyal animals in my opinion. I would love to have a Golden Retriever one day

roses or sunflowers?

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-facing the sun is a choice the sunflower makes every single day- Sunflowers are my favorite flowers they are just so pretty and they seem somehow happy, I donยดt know

early bird or night owl?

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I would like to be a morning person but sadly Iยดm a night owl

coke or pepsi?

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summer or winter?

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summer is the best time of the year! The Sun, the ocean, long nights and heat. Paradise

adventure or comfort?

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Of course adventures

blond or brown hair?

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Every hair colour is pretty, but I prefer brown hair

converse or vans?

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both, but vans

thank you guys for reading! <3

inspired by: @flhorable and @amandamedrano