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You unsleeping creature

I walk your streets, colliding with footsteps
Of villians and heros from the past
Ghosts of Hemingway and Hitler,
of T.S Eliot and Oscar Wilde

A picturebook of a city, a daunting story that never ends
Enrichment and wonder should be your decree,
for you act as a vault for the beauty and horrors,
of our time spent on Earth

Like a clock, you are always moving
counting down seconds that turn into days
that turn into years and then into centuries

La ville lumière, you sound like a song
that lovers dance and sing and kiss to
in the openness of the streets and the alleys
You turn and contort like a labyrinth
that welcomes strangers to get lost in

You are fuel for the dreams of a romantic mind,
A perfect mixture of tragedy and beauty
Of dirt and shine

My heart rests in the fabric of your structure,
In the concrete and brick that stand despite time
In the smell of croissants and chocolate,
In the laughs of musicians playing for change

Our story is one I will not soon forget,
As you have already begun to frequent my dreams,
Urging me to come back and walk your streets

And I must admit that you are persuasive,
You always have been, even before I met you
And I must admit that my heart will not be able
to take the distance for too long

But for now I will cherish the time I had,
And I will anxiously await the next time I see you,
For when that day comes I will dance with glee,
I will sing, a heart overjoyed at the feeling of home

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elodie iver
elodie iver
Hello friends! This is my first creative piece I have done in quite awhile. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any thoughts or requests for future articles please feel free to message me!