There are days when the routine and monotonous of our day-to-day reach us at a point where we are overwhelmed and simply can not do more, we lock ourselves mentally, we get stressed or we get totally tired of something.

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When this happens it is always necessary, to stop and remind ourselves who we are, why we started, what our goal was, and not only happens in everyday life, but also in our failures, when we make mistakes again and again and return to Failure is one of the most frustrating sensations in the world, but we must not forget that we ourselves are capable of all that we propose, with great constancy we can achieve what we propose, we must only keep trying, with more strength and always being optimistic in every new tried.

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Of course, it is never wrong to distract ourselves for a while in the things that make us happy, in what makes us in a good mood, in what fills our soul, what is our gasoline to have energy again and be able to cope with anything .

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With all this, I just want to remind myself that there is always an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to try again and move on until we achieve what we want with our whole being, that I should not give up even if I fall and give myself up defeated 100 times I can get up 101 times.
I simply wrote this to encourage myself a little. I just started thinking about things in my life and the university and I know that I am not the only one who is probably in them and can find the impulse to continue fighting.

Thank you for read me, Wishing you many good things in your day and much love, Nicole <3

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