How do you drink your tea
aesthetic, coffee, and beige image aesthetic, milk, and drink image
I drink it with a little bit of milk
What's your favorite dessert
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
My unavoidable dessert is the cherry clafoutis
What's your favorite season
art, moon, and spring image flowers, blue, and cotton image
Spriiiing !
What cheers you up
aesthetic, music, and random image stars, blue, and sky image
Image by Sasscia
Music, starry night, the ocean, my family and Stray Kids
Dogs or cats
Inspiring Image on We Heart It cat, animal, and funny image
Cats, without hesitation
What is your dream holiday
australia, Sydney, and travel image
Make a trip in Australia
How many kids do you want
Image removed
Two, a boy and a girl
Favorite weather
rain, city, and photography image rain and rainy day image
Rainy and cloudy days, it's relaxing
What was your last meal
chinese, chinese food, and dinner image
Steamed ravioli
What is your family ancestry
Temporarily removed aesthetic, city, and london image
I've got italian and english ancestors
What scares you
Image removed bug, bugs, and insect image
Clowns and spiders, I've got the phobia of these two things
Dream job
stars, overlay, and constellation image Temporarily removed
I want to become an astronomer since I was little
Do you believe in aliens
alien, pink, and ufo image
I'm neutral
Favorite sport
game and badminton image badminton, black, and freedom image
How do you relax after a long day
aesthetic, Chica, and girl image book, aesthetic, and reading image
I sleep or I read
If you become a teacher, what do you want to teach
adventure, british, and city image book, shakespeare, and aesthetic image
English literature