When I say evolving I mean building a good relationship with yourself.

You have to work have to work hard on accepting yourself for who you are.

You only have yourself in this life

  • You are the only one who knows what you are going through
  • You are the only one who can get you through a tough situation
  • You are the only one who knows how you truly feel
  • You are the only one who can take this step
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Honey start today

You got one life in this world, do you want to spend your time criticizing yourself and putting yourself down?.

Acceptance and forgiveness

step nr 1

In order to be stronger you have to forgive yourself for all those times you failed, made mistakes, let yourself or someone else down. Don't let your past determine who you are today. Don't hold grudges, don't keep tabs on old mistakes. Stop reminding yourself of that one time you failed

You are not the same person today as you were a couple of months ago, and that is a blessing because we keep learning and experiencing new things all the time and that helps us grow and be better. All you got to do now is to forgive and forget so you can successfully move on.


This might be a hard task because there might be a lot of things you want to change about yourself weather it is about your appearance or personality.

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step nr 1

Change the way you view yourself. This is something I have been working on ever since the beginning of the year and I can assure you that it is not easy but it is possible and I'm way happier and more confident now than I have ever been.
Replace all your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Learn how to love your body

You were born with a beautiful and unique body, do not ever tell yourself that you are not beautiful enough. You do not have to impress anyone or get anyone's approval on the way you look. You are a human being not a jewelry. You were given one body, cherish it, admire it for it's qualities and stop putting yourself down.

Remember you are beautiful and strong, and you will only be going up from here

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I hope this helps someone out there!!
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