I have been a single person for years, and in this time I have learned many things about being more independent, self-love, happiness, freedom, responsibility and other things. When I was younger, I always tried to fit the standards of society, trying to be perfect, fighting with myself, hating myself. But until I decided to find someone real, someone incredible...


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1 - Sorry

First the most important thing, you've to forgive yourself. When you need to fix the relationship with anybody, you need to forgive or be forgiven. But, How can you do this? well is a process and the answer to this question take us until step two.

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2 - Nice to meet you...again

Now when the second chance start, you begin to be more careful with that person, more respectful, and you give your best. Here you've to start to repair the hurt, first try to know more about you. What do you like most? When you feel more confident?

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3 - Can we spend more time together?

Off course we're with ourselves all the time haha but, when you really spend time with yourself? When you're lonely is the perfect moment to know you more. Take a relax bath, eat your favorite food, do exercise or do something you always wanted to do. You deserve this.

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4 - Find me here

And then you start to meet someone great, someone incredible who lives inside you, you know the strengths and weaknesses, you learn more about your dreams, about what you really want for you, and even notice you don't try to be accepted for other people, you try to be you. and this honey, is the first phase to love yourself.

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5 - Let's walk with a good talk

Now you're your best friend, you start to enjoy the lonely moments, and everything is changing, now you don't want toxic people, you want the better for you, good friends, good activities, a new lifestyle. You start to follow your dreams, looking for something amazing. You aren't selfish, honey just you love yourself.

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6 - I love me

This isn't the final step, but when you already forgive you, know you, spend time with you, and start to do the best for you, you are loving you. When you are here, you feel free, happy and more confident about you, about the decisions you take, and you finally understand that you don't need to be perfect, you just need to be your best version, someone autonomous. You start enjoy your friendships, you feel great when you're with people or alone, and when you feel sad or worried, you can cry, comfort you, and make you stronger.