This is my very first article on We Heart It, even though I have this account for 7 years. I thought I needed to introduce myself properly before I start writing more articles.
Let's begin then!


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My name is Korina. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Korina is "maiden".

Age and Birthday

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I was born on the 29th of august and I'm almost 22.

Zodiac sign

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Where I'm from

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I'm from Chios island, Greece.

Height, weight, eye and hair colour

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I'm average (1.63m), thin but curvy, blue-grey eyes and long curly brown hair.


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I have a 13th year old sister.


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I have a white cat and a canary.


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I will soon graduate from Democritus University of Thrace, department of greek philology.


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Dancing, reading books, listening to music, drawing, writing, singing, sleeping.

That's all for now ❤
Thank you!!!
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