Elizabeth Cooper

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Betty is a beautiful young woman with pale skin, shoulder length blonde hair and soft washed out green eyes.
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She's intelligent, loving, strong and brave.
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Betty wears casual and feminine clothes, mostly skinny jeans and fitted sweaters.
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Most of the time, she ties her hair in a tight ponytail.

Veronica Cecilia Lodge

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Veronica is an olive-skinned, young Latina woman with straight, medium-length glossy jet-black hair and large expressive brown eyes.
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She's confident, intelligent, sophisticated and empathetic.
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Veronica wears sophisticated and elegant clothes, mostly dresses and heels.
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Most of the time, she wears an authentic pearl necklace that was given to her by her father.

Cheryl Marjorie Blossom

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Cheryl is a teenager with long, wavy ginger-red hair, dark brown eyes and pale skin.
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She's shallow and self-absorbed but she sometimes try to be kind.
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Cheryl wears modern and fashionable clothes, mostly dresses and skirts.
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Most of the time, she wears red lipstick.

Josephine McCoy

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Josie is a young lady with rich, brown skin, dark brown eyes, and thick, bouncy curls.
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She's zealous, talented, loving and soft.
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Josie wears rock star inpired clothes, mostly leather jackets.
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Most of the time, she wears her trademark Pussycat ears.

Antoinette Topaz

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Toni is a beautiful teenage girl, with dark brown hair with stand-out light pink highlights, light brown skin and almond-shaped, brown eyes.
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She's loyal, sarcastic, compassionate and witty.
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Toni wears sassy and edgy clothes, mostly mixed with jewelry.
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Most of the time, she wears her iconic bandana and her serpent jacket.