Hi! I wrote similar article before and it was so fun to write so I've decided to write another one. Here you can read first one:
So, let's start!
  • A - Again by Kehlani
kehlani and again image again, celebrities, and kehlani image
  • B - Bad at Love by Halsey
Lyrics, halsey, and bad at love image edit, theme, and yellow image
  • C - Clearly by Grace Vanderwaal
grace vanderwaal, rainbow, and grace image accept, delicate, and skins image
  • D - Diamonds Are Forever by Sabrina Carpenter
aesthetic, moodboard, and music image Temporarily removed
  • E - Exhale by Sabrina Carpenter
art, b&w, and exhale image Image removed
  • F - fake smile by Ariana Grande
aesthetic, bed, and fake smile image fake smile, header, and pink image
  • G - goodnight n go by Ariana Grande
aesthetics, background, and diamonds image album, goodnight, and Lyrics image
  • H - Honey by Kehlani
beautiful, black, and boss image bi, gay, and song image
  • I - I'm Fakin by Sabrina Carpenter
album, music, and singular image sabrina carpenter, singer, and celebrity image
  • J - Jealous by Kehlani feat. Lexii Alijai
Temporarily removed beautiful, blonde, and singer image
  • K - Kiss and Make Up by Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK
Lyrics, kiss and make up, and blackpink image kpop, blackpink, and dua lipa image
  • L - Looking at Me by Sabrina Carpenter
sabrina carpenter image celebrities and sabrina carpenter image
  • M - Mirage by Sabrina Carpenter
mirage and sabrina carpenter image Temporarily removed
  • N - Nights Like This by Kehlani feat. Ty Dolla $ign
nights like this and kehlani image aesthetic, black, and gray image
  • O - Outlaws by Alessia Cara
aesthetic, grunge, and Lyrics image Temporarily removed
  • Q - Quit by Cashmere Cat & Ariana Grande
quit, ariana grande, and cashmere cat image ariana grande, quit, and love image
  • P - Promises by Calvin Harris & Sam Smith
black, calvin harris, and Lyrics image deep, Lyrics, and music image
  • R - Runnin' (Interlude) by Kehlani
Temporarily removed quotes, empowerment, and words image
  • S - Solo by Clean Bandit & Demi Lovato
demi lovato image demi lovato, Lyrics, and music image
  • T - Trigger by Anne-Marie
gun, heart, and like image beautiful, blonde, and girl image
  • U - Unconditional by Kehlani
song lyrics, you should be here, and unconditional image fav, music, and love image
  • W - Wonderland by Jasmine Thompson
album, music, and jasmine thompson image Image removed
  • Z -
  • Y - You Don't Know Me by Ariana Grande
quotes and ariana grande image Temporarily removed
That's it for this article! Sorry... I don't really know any song starting from "Z" ;)
I hope you enjoyed it! See you in my next article!
Magda ♡

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