“I envy you just for having someone who’s worried about you.” – Mayu

“When you are miserable, you need something that is even more miserable than you to feel good about yourself.” – Lucy

“All this time, I’ve lived in hope of telling you how sorry I am, I’ve fought armies, just to have this chance, but now, there’s nothing I can say.. That’s good enough.” – Lucy

“Everyone in this place is unhappy. And since they’re unhappy, they’re probably looking for someone worse off than they are.” – Lucy

“You suddenly appeared in front of me in this hell. The day that I would get to meet you…I always wanted to apologize to you…I only endured because of that! I kept on living.” – Lucy

“Aren’t we all monsters on the inside.” – Lucy

“I was going to let you go. After all, there aren’t many of us out there, but you’re just such a pain in the a**.” – Lucy

“The ones who aren’t human… the ones who aren’t people… are actually YOU!” – Lucy

“I’m so sorry for all the sadness I’ve caused you. I’m so sorry.” – Lucy

“I hate these horns.” – Lucy

“If i ever end up killing a lot of people… Kouta… Then please, kill me.” – Lucy

“Regret is the domain of those who have earned the right to look back at the past. All I have is shame.” – Kurama

“Warmth, love, and affection. These are the things I have taken away from you.” – Kurama

“People who think that they can make up their past follies with regret cannot be forgiven.” – Kurama

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