H I, everyone! I am @gypsophiliet, Abby, and I am writing for the Education segment under the @WHIMag. Our current topic is Holidays, and I thought that maybe I could tell you how to stay productive during holidays and not spend all the time without doing anything.

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Let's begin.

✨ make a list for all that you have to do. then, divide it into smaller parts. for example, I divided all my work into three big parts - work to be written, work to be learned, and work to be done at the end. you can divide it in the way it is suitable for you. when big halves have been made, divide it further into smaller parts that can be made into to-do bullet points and done daily.

☁️ do a little amount of work every day. there is no need to overwhelm yourself with a large amount of studying at once. you can begin with two to-dos a day, and then progress to three, four, and so on. just make sure that you do a little every day, as to not lose your momentum. if you do a lot every day, you will feel burnt out and that will not help to be productive.

🌸 I did my written work first, activities second, and work to be learned at the end, but you can do it the way you think works best for you. keep in mind how much time doing each work will take and put aside that time for it. keep also in mind how many holidays you have, and then do your work on a specific basis. I did mine on a 'daily' basis for written work, and on a 'weekly' basis for learning work. as always, you can arrange the time basis in a way suitable for you.

💫 do not overburden yourself. holidays are, after all, for relaxing as well as studying. have equal periods of studying and rest and if you want to, you can have a 'rest day' once in a week i.e. a day on which you do no studying at all. if you study for 1 hour, take a break for 20 minutes or so. also, it's okay if you do not do as much work as you thought you would or do not reach your given deadline or do not complete your to-do list. there is always tomorrow.

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T H A N K Y O U for reading I hope that this article can be helpful for you. Sending a lot of love and happy wishes ♡