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  • What are 4 upcoming seasons you're excited for ?
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Atypical season 3
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Stranger things season 4
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La casa de papel season 4
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Skam France season 5
  • A show you're sad about being canceled ?
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  • Who is your 'tv dad' ?
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Herrmann (Chicago fire)
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Dr. Charles (Chicago Med)
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Jim Hopper (Stranger things)
  • Who is your 'tv mom' ?
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Stef & Lena (The Fosters)
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Melissa McCall (Teen wolf)
  • A new show you've discovered that you love ?
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Dead to me
  • What tv shows are you currently binging ?
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Chicago Fire, Chicago Med & Chicago P.D
  • What are your favorite inspirational tv shows ?
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The Fosters
  • What are some "weird" shows that you love ?
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The end of the f world
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Black Mirror
  • Favorite underrated shows ?
  • What character reminds you most of yourself ?
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Noora (Skam)
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Hanna (Pretty little liars)
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Casey (Atypical)
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+ a mix of Stiles & Scott (Teen wolf)
  • What are your "guilty pleasure" tv shows ?


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13 reasons why..
I do really like it (I'm still glad it's over soon because we waited so long to get some justice), I often found it really relatable and there are people who found this show helpful but let's just say it right now, well actually there are warnings now at the beginning of the episodes but it can be triggering to people who are mentally ill, survivors of suicide attempts, and sexual assault. I only put it in "guilty pleasure" because I know a lot of people are criticizing it and I'm truly sorry if this show impacted you in a negative way. ♡

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