here are some of my favourite movies!

little miss sunshine (2006)

dir. jonathan dayton, valerie faris
imdb: 7,8
my rating: 9,4

little miss sunshine and movie image abigail breslin, little miss sunshine, and Olive Hoover image little miss sunshine and movie image little miss sunshine and movie image

green book (2018)

dir. peter farrelly
imdb: 8,2
my rating: 9,2

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed green book image

west side story (1961)

dir. jerome robbins, robert wise
imdb: 7,2
my rating: 8,9

60s, aesthetic, and dance image west side story image black and white, natalie wood, and west side story image dance, jets, and musical image

the pianist (2002)

dir. roman polanski
imdb: 8,5
my rating: 9,6

the pianist movie, movie movies film, and filming films night image piano, theme, and aesthetic image the pianist, movie, and piano image adrien brody, classic, and movie image

the perks of being a wallflower (2012)

dir. stephen chbosky
imdb: 8,0
my rating: 9,0

ezra miller image write, movie, and us image Inspiring Image on We Heart It emma watson, the perks of being a wallflower, and infinite image

amélie (2001)

dir. jean-pierre jeunet
imdb: 8,3
my rating: 9,2

amelie poulain, audrey tautou, and girl image Image removed france, amelie, and amelie poulain image amelie and amelie poulain image

coraline (2009)

dir. henry selick
imdb: 7,7
my rating: 9,1

Temporarily removed coraline image coraline image coraline image

good will hunting (1997)

dir. gus van sant
imdb: 8,3
my rating: 9,2

film, matt damon, and movie image couple, good will hunting, and matt damon image boy, grunge, and train image 90s, matt damon, and movies image

billy elliot (2000)

dir. stephen daldry
imdb: 7,7
my rating: 9,2

Billy Elliot and boys image Temporarily removed Billy Elliot, boy, and smile image ballet, boy, and Billy Elliot image

roma (2018)

dir. alfonso cuarón
my rating: 9,0

roma, movie, and méxico image roma image black and white, cinema, and mexico image black and white, cinema, and mexico image

léon: the professional (1994)

dir. luc besson
imdb: 7,6
my rating: 9,1

leon, natalie portman, and grunge image leon, matilda, and leon the professional image actor, french, and gun image Temporarily removed

thank you for reading, might write part 2 since i have so many favourite movies! <3