Inspired by:

1. Choose A Dessert In Every Color And We'll Reveal What People Love About You The Most

compassion, quotes, and age image charity, compassion, and kindness image
Your Compassion

2. What Percent VSCO Are You Based On How You Rate These Shows?

outfit, scrunchie, and summer image Image by Cris Figueiredo
50% VSCO

3. Recast "Gossip Girl" And We'll Give You A Netflix Show To Binge-Watch

Inspiring Image on We Heart It tv show, netflix, and olivia dejonge image
The Society

4. Which Ariana Grande Song Should You Listen To Based On The 7 Rings You Choose?

aesthetic, angel, and in my head image icons, ariana grande, and ariana theme image
in my head

5. Do You Belong In The Salty Spitoon, Weenie Hut Jr's, Or Super Weenie Hut Jr's?

spongebob, funny, and super weenie hut jrs image
Super Weenie Hut Jr's

6. We Know What Color You Should Dye Your Hair From Your Favorite TV Characters

hair, green hair, and colored hair image billie eilish, billie, and green image

7. Cast A Live Action "Snow White" And We'll Guess Which Dwarf You Are With 100% Accuracy

disney, dopey, and sevendwarfs image Image by cescolilga

8. We Know What Type Of Pillow You Are From How You Brush Your Teeth

Image by paurui Image by ♡ J є s s i ℓ y ท ♡
Colorful pillow

9. Buy 9 VSCO Girl Things And We'll Reveal Your First Name With 100% Accuracy

aesthetics, julia, and name image Image removed
Julia... sorry, Buzzfeed that's not my first name.

10. The "Sims" House You Design Will Reveal Where You Were Destined To Live

backyard, leaves, and domestic image house, autumn, and sunset image
Life in the Suburbs

11. Pick Some VSCO Things And We'll Reveal Which Social Media Platform You Are

watermelon image style image

12. Can We Guess What Breed Of Dog You'd Be Based On Your Favorite Disney Characters?

dog, animal, and cute image dog, shiba inu, and puppy image
Shiba Inu

13. Build Yourself A House And We'll Accurately Guess Which Nickelodeon Dude You Had A Crush On As A Kid

nick, danny phantom, and nikelodeon image cartoon and danny phantom image
Danny Phantom

14. Everyone's A Combination Of Two Disney Villains – Which Are You?

disney, frozen, and hans image Image removed
Hans / Lady Tremaine

15. Which Boy-Band Member Is Your Soulmate?

Hugo Boss, liam payne, and liam image Temporarily removed
Liam Payne

16. Take This Quiz And We'll Reveal Which CNCO Member Is Your Soulmate

Image removed zabdiel de jesús, richard camacho, and joel pimentel image
Joel Pimentel

17. Pick Your Favorite Boy Band Songs And We'll Tell You Which Boy From Why Don't We Is Your Soulmate

boy and why don't we image Temporarily removed
Daniel Seavey

18. Build A Boy Band And We'll Guess Your Age

Temporarily removed 18, cake, and cakes image
36.. No, I'm actually 18.

19. Pick Some All Time Low Songs And We'll Reveal Which Band Member You'll Marry

Temporarily removed atl, zack merrick, and all time low image
Zack Merrick

20. Spend All Of Your Money At Pull And Bear And We'll Tell You Which Member Of SWMRS You're Most Like

bands, music, and joey armstrong image Temporarily removed
Seb Mueller