In today's quiz you will find out not just if you are more of a logical or an artistic person. Also, thanks to this quiz it will be easier for you to find the right kind of job.

How to do it: just mark those sentences which are relatable to you. Then count how many sentences of each color did you mark. The more dominant color wins. If your answers are 50/50 then you are a mix.

1) Are you punctual?
💖 always something happens so... no, not really
💙 of course, being always on time is important for me

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2) When it comes to decisions..
💙 first of all, I ask my parents or any other important people in my life what they think about it
💖 I choose what I feel to be the right thing

3) You and your dreams?
💖 they are very important for me, I even make notes
💙 I rarely remember them because I think they aren't really useful

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4) Right before sleep...
💖 I go straight to bed
💙 I always pack things for school/work for the following day, then I choose what I will wear and then I will go to bed

5) When it comes to important tasks..
💙 I don't like to procastinate
💖 I like to work under stress

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6) It's Thursday night and tomorrow you have a big test. But also today will be your favorite movie in the TV... what will you do?
💙 I'll study for the test and later I will watch the movie or I will watch the movie tomorrow on the internet. Either way, the test is more important for me
💖 I will watch the movie because I love that movie and I need a rest anyway

7) Your favorite school subjects?
💙 anything logical where is only one right answer - maths, physics, chemistry or biology
💖 anything where I can use my imagination, talent or talent for speech

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Now count your answers for each color and check out the result!

More Blue 💙

When mostly blue sentences are relatable to you, in this quiz it means that you are more of a logical person. Your left hemisphere is dominant in your case. Anything which includes numbers and facts is the right job for you.

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More Pink 💖

If you choosed majorly the pink sentences, you're an artistic person who's dominant hemisphere is your right one. The perfect job for you would be outside, anything where you can use your imagination and great social skills. Being always at the same place would literally kill you.

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50/50 💙 💖

It could be that you are a mix of both sides but also because you didn't figure out yet what you really wanna do or because you are currently good at everything. Another possibility is that it more depends on your mood - one day you pick up your outfit for school right before sleep and sometimes you choose what to wear. Probably all you need to do is wait a few years and you will find out.

So that would be all for today (when it comes to quizzes of course 😜). What did you get?

See ya in da next article 🍕

Your Meshty🍬