hii, I´ve never posted anything on WHI so let´s see how it goes.


mostly for my wall. almost everything I have liked is now printed out and has a place on my wall.


I´m from Estonia, 15 but turning 16 in few weeks. I want to write articles to improve my English, so if U see any mistakes then let me know.


tbh I don´t watch that much movies, I don´t have time or intrest. music is a whole new story, I can´t live without music. after waking up I turn on my speaker and turn it off when I go to sleep. I listen few different styles but right now my fav artist is NF, I´m so happy that rappers like him exist. another artist that I enjoy is longlost. I don´t have a huge friend group, I mostly talk to my bestie and that´s it. I used to have a lot of friends but I find it better for myself when I just have that one true friend and few other ppl who I can sometimes hang out.


I´m starting 10th grade and it´s huge change in my life. I scrolled for hours on WHI to find motivation, tips etc. it helped a lot so I´m gonna include few of my fave tips in this article.

1. start planning now
I have already orderd things that I need in school and made a list of things that I can´t order so I need to visit mall. and that´s something I hate, it´s way easier to order things.

2. use planners
personally I like to use actual planners and write everything down but if U don´t like that idea then use Your phone instead. make sure to write down everything important and what´s even more important is that U write down things that U may forget aka doing laundry, homework, washing dishes etc.

3. write down Your goals
try to think few years ahead, where do U wanna be in the next 5 or 10 years? what job do U wanna do? where do U wanna work?


if anyone cares then I´m single, my family has 2 dogs and 2 cats, I really love my room and I never wanna leave. few youtubers that I enjoy a lot are SimplyNailLogical, Muselk, Chanzes, Crayator, LOKEY and WillNE. I would also like to have more internet friends so if U´re intrested then hmu.

Hope that You enjoyed this article and have a nice day!!