Hi guys i'm back at it, I haven't been writing anything for the past week because i've been busy with exams, but now i'm free to write again (which i love) the only thing i'm waiting for now is the results in my exams, the school here requires a certain grade for you to pass so yeah, nursing is really stressful here in the philippines, no joke.

Write about someone who inspires you

My Parents

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My parents inspires me, ever since we were kids they sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings, they never get to travel a lot because they were saving up for our future. I admire how everyday even if their tired they still go out of the house to work, my dad and my mom is both a hardworking people, they inspire me in the aspect of not giving up what you dream of, that no matter what the hardship, whatever your going through that it'll pass, working hard for what you want will pay off in the end, there was one time when it was just me and my sister (my brother wasn't born yet) i remember that my dad would go out in the middle of the night to go and collect the payment from people who bought appliances from him, him and my mom use to sell household items both of them just riding in their motorcycle and walking around the market to sell those items (hair straightener's, plastic basins, rice cookers and such), my dad continued that even after my mom went abroad to work, even if he speaks the filipino language crookedly he still went around the market to finish off selling the items.

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I want to be hardworking like them and I want to achieve my own dreams and my dreams for them.

thats it for day four of thirty
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