Harry James Potter

Temporarily removed boy, gay, and grunge image
physical appearance : untidy jet-black hair, bottle green eyes, light skin
quotes, life, and survive image faith, god, and hope image
personality : Harry is known to be brave, loyal and selfless.
Image removed aesthetic, flannel, and grunge image
style : mostly shirts and sweaters

Ronald Billius Weasley

Temporarily removed bun, hair, and hairstyle image
physical appearance : fiery red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, freckled complexion
funny, message, and texting image aesthetic, background, and brown image
personality : Ron is loyal, brave, strong and humourous.
Temporarily removed green and sweater image
style : mostly sweaters, especially those that his mother sewed

Hermione Jean Granger

girl, beauty, and hair image hair, aesthetic, and brown image
physical appearance : bushy brown hair, bright brown eyes, light skin
Temporarily removed girl power image
personality : Hermione is known to be intellectual curious and hard-working.
Image by Angie Rubio fashion, skirt, and outfit image
style : mostly sweaters and skirts

Ginevra Molly Weasley

redlove, margarita+masliakova, and lush+cosmetics image girl and hair image
physical appearance : flaming red hair, bright brown eyes, light skin, freckled complexion
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
personality : Ginny is forceful and independent.
Temporarily removed girl image
style : mostly t-shirts, sweaters and jeans

Neville Longbottom

boy and indie image hands and toad image
physical appearance : brown hair, white skin
Temporarily removed plants, tumblr, and grunge image
personality : Neville is known to be clumsy and shy at the beginning, but courageous and fierce in the end.
fashion, sweater, and autumn image shoes image
style : mostly sweaters and pants

Luna Lovegood

atmosphere, beaty, and beautiful image Temporarily removed
physical appearance : dirty blonde hair, protuberant silvery eyes, white skin
be strong, be yourself, and empowerment image girl, aesthetic, and boy image
personality : Luna is quirky, nonconformist, intelligent and perceptive.
aesthetic, indie, and grunge image blue and ravenclaw image
style : mostly basic clothes mixed with artistic accessories

Draco Lucius Malfoy

boy, model, and lucky blue smith image boy, holy fuck, and model image
physical appearance : sleek white-blond hair, cold grey eyes, pale skin
black, boy, and messages image Temporarily removed
personality : Draco is known to be arrogant, narcissistic and quick-witted.
boy, fashion, and black image Temporarily removed
style : mostly t-shirts, coats and jeans