Hello everybody! I hope you still remember me...

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Some of you are reading my articles since I started writing them, and I've been writing, on and off...

For a few months already, I haven't been able to acomplish most of my goals, I lost my motivation and I feel like I'm lost...

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I lost my way, I lost myself, and I'm trying to find myself again, hard.

From my personal experience (check out my other articles about motivation, energy and meditation), I know that this things are "normal", and that when shitty things are happening, that means that you're leveling up...

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I stopped meditating, eating well, working out, sleeping well, laughing from the bottom of my heart.. Not all at once, but day by day... I stagnated. So, I decided to grab my life by the balls and take over control again!!

Here's what I'm gonna do, and what usually helps (again, from my personal experience):


THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. Seeing things you want to accomplish written in your own hand-writing has such a strong effect on your brain! Start small - be realistic so you don't scare the shit out of yourself when you take a look on your list.

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Honestly, I feel so demotivated right now, but the worst thing I could do is to stay home all day... My hobby and passion is fitness and working out - I haven't been to the gym for a few months and I'm shook! Find something where you can release the negative energy!

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Those of you who practice meditation know how healing it is! If you never tried meditation - the time is now. Just google it, you can even find guided meditation on youtube - my favorite channel is Michael Sealey. His voice is amazing and his meditations really helped me to improve myself.

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Okay! That's gonna be it for today, because, just like I said - start small. Because even one little step, one small victory can do wonders for your mind and confidence!

Give me feedback aboout my other articles or about this one, send me a message - what you want to read about here?

Thank you so much for following and reading my articles - it honestly means a lot! Love you guys!