Hey! How are you? I think I'm going to dedicate my articles only to music, I love making playlists... Anyway, today I present to you the music I listen to when I'm stressed to calm down!

โ€• Euphoria - Chymes

kpop, bts, and bangtan image car, beige, and aesthetic image

โ€• All alright - Sigur Rรณs

light, tree, and christmas image horse and animal image


food, aesthetic, and japan image Temporarily removed

โ€• forever rain - RM

cat, cute, and kitten image grey, bed, and gray image

โ€• Goodbye - WENDY

aesthetic, theme, and pink image aesthetic image

โ€• Good Night - JI JIN SEOK

Temporarily removed lips, pink, and beautiful image

โ€• Like Rain, Like Music - Do Hyeok Lim

aesthetic, asian, and bracelet image red, aesthetic, and strawberry image

โ€• SEATTLE - Sam Kim

Image by [ฯ„ฬ…ฬฒaฬ…ฬฒmฬ…ฬฒiโ„“yฬ…ฬฒ].โ€ขฯ‰โ€ข aesthetic, orange, and apricot image

โ€• Sing For You - EXO

yellow, socks, and aesthetic image flowers, yellow, and book image

โ€• Singularity - BTS

Flagged For Review avocado, minimalist, and white image

โ€• That's okay - D.O.

blue, aesthetic, and theme image bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image

โ€• The Snowman - Jung Seung Hwan

purple, aesthetic, and soft image aesthetic, eyes, and food image

Thank you so much for reading! Have a good listening โ™ก

โ€• Loup