Name - Countess Morgana Helton
Status - Bourgeois
Where she lives - Paris
Job - Owns a library and some schools for children


alexis bledel, Tuck Everlasting, and vintage image dress, fashion, and retro image fashion, girl, and lady image white, lace, and vintage image
Long hair often tied in a braid, long dresses, lace details.

Manor house

chandelier image rain, window, and vintage image goth and room image 17th century, 18th century, and architecture image
Paris, 1850. A victorian gothic manor house with heavy velvet curtains and lovely broquade rugs.


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Strolls around the city in a victorian cab, royal dances and dinners, meetings, reading in my favorite space at home.

Favorite things to do

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Reading, taking long relaxing baths with flower petals, drinking coffee or tea and looking outside the window to admire rainy fall/winter cold days.


farm, garden, and gardening image cottage, garden, and gardening image schools, riley, and classic cars image Temporarily removed
Gardening, long walks, travelling, religion (she's a christian), helping others.

My man

Name - Azrael Nazari
Status - Nobleman
Where he's from - India but lives in Paris for his politic affairs
Job - Politics

black and white, man, and classic image aesthetic, peaky blinders, and car image royal, aesthetic, and princess image beauty, man, and classic image
Met him at a royal ball, fell in love with him and after a few years he asked for my hand in marriage. He's an adventurer, elegant tall man. He has a descreet personality but he's completely different during intimate moments. Does not show public displays of affections but if it's the two of us, he's unbelievably sweet (hugs, caresses, chaste kisses).