"Don't talk about love and peace when you have a dead animal on your plate."
- Socrates

the idea that killing and eating fellow living beings could be wrong isn't just a thing of modern times, it arose as soon as humans had the time to think about anything else than their bare survival and had the thinking capacity and the choice to do what they considered as right.

"My body will not be a tomb for other creatures."
- Leonardo Da Vinci

nevertheless vegans seem to have quite a bad reputation nowadays. i already noticed years ago that my classmates or family members were ridiculing people with alternative lifestyles, calling them stupid and making a lot of despising comments.

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but why? why do people have such a negative attitude towards others just because they make different food choices?

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psychology says, when something someone does or says creates an overly negative reaction in you, that's because the topic concerns you and you have an underlying issue with it.
so i guess many people totally get the arguments that vegans or vegetarians bring up on a subconscious level but then there comes the ego...
and the ego is quite a tricky concept that's hard to expose because everyone is affected by it. the purpose of the ego is to protect itself and keep the illusion alive. (no time for further contemplation but if you're interested in growing as a human being you should totally look this up and learn more about it.)
so the ego wants to protect the status quo.
someone comes and tells you that eating meat is wrong.
this creates something called cognitive dissonance:
on one side there's you're deeply ingrained belief that eating meat is right because you're doing it all the time and you don't do evil things.
on the other side, there's the truth that eating meat is bad.
and the ego won't let go of your old beliefs because that's what it's there for, it holds on to the identity it has created (e.g. "i eat meat and that's fine") and tries to protect it.
so the only way of getting rid of that cognitive dissonance caused by conflicting beliefs is discrediting the newly brought up idea that you might have to change your behaviour.

humans don't like change, it could be dangerous.
in this case though, it would be more dangerous not to change.
not only for your own health but for the planet as a whole and therefore for the future of humanity.

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we all are convinced by feelings more than we are by facts.
but we need to start doing what is right and not what is easy.

60% of all deforestation is to produce meat.
we and the animals we raise to eat make up 98% of mammals.

eating animals is the leading cause of...

  • global warming
  • water depletion & pollution
  • ocean dead zones
  • rainforest destruction
  • species extinction
  • habitat loss
  • human starvation in the east
  • human ill health in the west
  • animal exploitation, suffering, killing
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every day, a person on a vegan diet saves...

  • over 4,000 litres of water
  • 20 kg of grains
  • 3 m² of forest
  • 10 kg of CO2 equivalent
  • and one animal's life
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but i needed to get this out there first because what's the point of talking about veganism when it doesn't convince anyone - because of their brain's defense mechanisms.
so i wanted to explain why most people reject the idea of changing their lifestyle even though it would be best for them and the world ;)

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i hope this inspired you to rethink your relationship with veganism and maybe you feel ready to give it a try... ;)