Hey! I'm Marcy!

This tag is so popular so I decided to do one.
It's about what do you prefer.

summer or winter?
jewelry, lips, and accessories image beach, ocean, and summer image
summer; the beach, the holidays, the hot days.
day or night?
city, light, and night image city, night, and lights image
night; "There is nothing better than the night in the city"
coffee or tea?
coffee, cup, and delicius image coffee, glitter, and grunge image
books or movies?
tumblr, rain, and bed image film, life, and quotes image
movies; I really love when you are so into the movie and you cry or laugh with them.
candles or fairy lights?
Image by Cris Figueiredo Temporarily removed
fairy lights.
saver or spender?
Temporarily removed travel, money, and world image
saver; in fact, I have those same bottles to save money.
rain or sunny?
indie, cosmetics, and girl image rain, city, and street image
rain; but only for a while, lol
high heels or sneakers?
fashion, jeans, and black image Temporarily removed
high heels; I don't use sneakers a lot of times, I prefer the high heels.
tattoos or piercings?
Temporarily removed tattoo, grunge, and aesthetic image
modern or rustic?
clock, time, and vintage image aesthetic, art, and painting image
black or white?
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Aya Assellalou
black; of course. it's one of my favourite colours
team captain america or team ironman?
captain america, Marvel, and steve rogers image chris evans, captain america, and steve rogers image
team Captain America ; I love him, and I love as he always wants to help everyone. I would agree with him, to face the government and do what really needs to be done.

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