I choose you,
like a book in a library, I looked at the spine and it looked pretty and I chose it.
I picked it and place it on the round table,
read the summary and loved it even more,
read a chapter but subconsciously 4
I longed to read it when I was away from it
Pondered what the next chapter would hold
The vicious attacks and
roller coaster mind of emotions that could scatter in my soul
but if I love the book so much?
what would happen if there becomes no more.
the story ends and there are no new chapters to begin
what if its a cliffhanger
or a tragic ending
a happy one but I may never know
and that's You.
rawly that's us,
I chose you because I liked what I saw
The summary of you was a perfect draw
I listened to you for an hour or maybe 4
and I waited to talk to too you when I wasn't near
Wondering what's next for us dear?
Sadness or happiness you contain for me.
And I loved you oh so much,
that there became no more.
It was a tragic ending.
and our chapter ended,
But it's not the end of us!
my heart extended
when the chapter ends and the pen is taken off the paper
when the authors words are as thin as ice
there is nothing to wonder in his world of imagination
we were both authors
writing our ending for different creations
we thought it would happen
and we tried so damn hard
but our ink ended
and we went very far
the paper was dry and it crumpled too fast
that the chapter is ended
but a new book at last..