Hello there! I've come across a lot of 'Morning Routine' articles and I think it is a perfect idea to make one of my own. So, I'm going to show you it. ~

6:00- 7:00

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Before I get up, I take a few minutes to just lay there in bed and rethink my plans for that day. I check my phone for any new messages and updates on the internet then I grab some breakfast.

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Some days I usually don't have an appetite during the early morning times even though I'm starving, but I usually just drink some water and munch on some breakfast
Once I finish, I head back to my room, make my bed, brush my teeth and other hygienic things, and then I get dress for school.

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I wear my school uniform that is similar to these ones

7:00- 7:30

My school doesn't allow makeup so I just wear lipgloss or chapstick and I just moisturize my face.

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I do my hair either in a high puff or a slick back puff. Some days, I choose something different.

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7:30- 8:00

I check my bag to make sure I have everything. Write down any plans I have for that day and re-check my homework for any mistakes.

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Once I'm done, my mom takes me to school.

8:00- 8:25

I arrive at school. My school starts at 8:45 so I take those few minutes to hang out with my friends until 1st period. :)

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I hope you enjoy! Bye!