I know you´ve probably heard about them but, what about giving them a chance?

10 underrated singers

and their best songs

Jade Bird
song: Uh Huh

girl, beauty, and aesthetic image art, aesthetic, and hands image
she´s got you on your knees like a little boy, everybody sees that youre just her little toy

song: Paradise

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Don´t know if it´s the drink I poured, put I swear I never loved you more

Jess Glynne
song: I´ll be there

pink, purple, and sky image light, aesthetic, and crystal image
when you need a little love I got a little love to share

Call me Loop
song: Silly boy

Image by Marina Rodriguez pink, teal, and aesthetic image
I know you'll miss me in a week, then my silly, silly boy will come back begging to my feet

song: Sweet Little Lies

Abusive image aesthetic, beautiful, and black image
you know I'd rather die than say goodbye

song: Rainberry

luxurious and lana del rey image cherry, red, and fruit image
why are your eyes heavy? is there somebody else you miss?

(for the record) I know he actually has a bunch of fans, personally I´ve only heard people talk about how hot he is when he actually was some deep and good ass lyrics out there just saying.
his talent is underrated.

Bebe Rexha
song: Im a mess

tv, grunge, and lips image light, car, and night image
I´m upset, I´m embarrased, I don´t trust no one arround us

again, we listen to her collabs but her latest album has a couple of bangers youre not listening to.

song: Without me

theme, aesthetic, and dark image theme image
I filled your cup until it overflowed

Iggy Azalea
song: Spend It

aesthetic, earrings, and lips image gold, jewelry, and peachy image
I bought a wedding ring, that's 'cause I'm married to the game

Meghan Trainor
song: Foolish

aesthetic, gloss, and lips image aesthetic, animation, and anime image
I could hear love from the speakers, I could see us in front a preacher