This is one of my characters in my story Prince of Hell I have a collection of her already but I wanted to make a more organized folder of her for me and others to understand her more

born in crescent city ca

Image removed beauty, girl, and makeup image
girl, aesthetic, and hair image hair image
hair color dark brown curly
brown, eye, and girl image
eye color brown
fashion, style, and outfit image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image gold, jewelry, and style image
love, quotes, and red image Temporarily removed quotes, life, and words image 90s, alternative, and gloss image
Mature image Temporarily removed accessories, booty, and flowers image fashion, goals, and inspo image
Body build type slim thick
american, gilmore girls, and tv show image decor, home, and home decor image Image by Jurnaldedesign room, bedroom, and home image room, home, and study image
black and white, boy, and guy image boy, Hot, and eyes image
Foster Parents Adam & Keith
Image by one less kiss Temporarily removed Image removed grunge, we heart it, and boyfriend girlfriend image fist, lips, and heaven image love, quotes, and pink image
Crush/Lover Marcus &Relationship
Image removed boy, handsome, and Hot image
Sibilings: Brothers: valentin & matias
skull image actor, man, and daniel gillies image
Real mom and dad:Hel & hades