This is one of my main characters in my story Prince of Hell I have a collection of him already but I wanted to make a more organized folder of her for me and others to understand him

has a brother named Valentin
born in helheim
he is 18 years old
he is 6'0
he draws

boy, handsome, and Hot image
hair, aesthetic, and boy image
hair color dark brown

Matias doesn't really have a style he wears dark colors

art, boy, and grunge image aesthetic image art, drawing, and hands image art, paint, and colors image
quotes and good image Image by tenderlygirl Temporarily removed black, father, and quote image
Halloween, house, and autumn image Image by maddie Temporarily removed Image removed Image by izabela
Avengers, brown, and icon image Image by L I V
Foster parents Luke & Emma
girl, sleep, and bed image Temporarily removed quotes, dark, and grunge image Temporarily removed alternative, Darkness, and death image couple, gif, and hug image affection, art, and artist image
Lover Amara/Relationship
skull image actor, gif, and gifs image
Real mom and dad hel & hades
Image removed beauty, girl, and makeup image
Sibling Brother Valentin Sister: Marissa