I start my first year of college in one month, so I wanted to do this article to show you or maybe give you some ideas of how I'm preparing for this, I hope you like it!

1. Wardrobe.
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First thing I want to play with my clothes, see what combinations I like, what I don't like anymore, that way I will know when the time comes what I like together and have my outfit prepared.
2. Style.
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I wanna try new hairstyles maybe cutting my hair, also discover new makeup looks, figure out what style I like.
3. Wake-up.
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I'm a very lazy girl, and it's very hard for me to wake up early especially after vacations, so I want to wake up early to maximize my time during the day.
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I've never had a planner and I always end up forgetting things, assignments, so I want to start early with planning to make it a routine and organize myself better.
3. Practice notes.
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This is something new that I want to do, recreating notes, improving my handwriting, I believe this might help me in college to study and it looks pretty.
4. Study.
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It may sound boring, but with this, I'm gonna familiarize with my career and it would be easy to learn if I already have foundations, this comes with practicing my notes.
5. Stress-free.
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I don't want to stress a lot when I'm in college, I tend to do this because I really care about my grades, so I really need to relax, maybe do some yoga, journaling, etc.
6. Eating habit.
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I really need to change my eating habits, drop junk food, and start eating healthy, this doesn't just help our body, but also our mind and helps us have more energy for the day.
7. Organization.
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You probably hear this everywhere, but it's true and it really helps to know where everything is.
8. Have fun.
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It's my last summer until I become a college student, so I plan to enjoy it with my friends and family.

That's it for today's article, I hope you liked and enjoyed!

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