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Setting goals for yourself to accomplish is one thing, but you have to have healthy motives and not be hard on yourself along the way or you're just going to drop them.

So that being said, I'm just gonna do this out of fun and not because I'm pressured or stressed to become this perfect person. And that is actually kind of freeing that I can do this without feeling that way now.


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these are a lot of clothes i would wear. I wear a lot of blouses, I'm not a t-shirt person. I like frilly, vintage stuff. I have harry potter glasses that i think are prittyyyy cool


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i wish i could have one of those super cute vintage mobile homes. maybe someday sigh. my actual room is vintage and purple and pink. it's embarrassingly girly


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tea and books
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fairytail/medieval/18th century ladies that have super long hair and wear long white lace robes and have big vintage vanity tables

pretty much anything vintage i live and breathe (or at least i want to)


heckin goals for your life

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♡ be healthy grl
♡ put God first
♡ be single rn
♡ have more self worth

okay i only have three goals but each one has little goals that can be complicated. I really need to start eating healthy and exercising because I eat junk food all the time. My skin is dying, I'm dying.

✿ cook for every week
✿ drink 4 water bottles everyday
✿ drink tea instead of dr pepper
✿ always wear sunhat outside
✿ go on bike rides

this is the first time in my life that I haven't had quiet time with God every night. So many things have gone down in my personal life and it made me lose motivation for everything. But I've just started to gain it back a little. I want to just become a better person and not be a jerk to God, cuz I love God. And I want to put Him first and live for Him, but I'm lazy. And I feel bad about being lazy. I just feel like there's so much to do, but the only thing I really have to do is just try to have a relationship with Him everyday. At least that's a good place to start. I have a long way to go before I can be where I want to be in my spiritual life. Everyone says to live for Him, but that's such a broad statement that is kind of overwhelming. And sometimes it's hard to know whether i have selfish motives or whether I really am just doing stuff for God. So maybe I shouldn't overthink it and just do these things right now

✿ pray every night for others, to grow in relationship, to grow out of sin, to understand, to not be conformed to the world, to make God the most important thing
✿ read bible every night and read the commentaries
✿ don't listen to or watch trash
✿ talk to people about my struggles

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also i wanna be single so i will focus on God and not make a bf my world like i always do lol.

I want to be able to be more confident with myself and think and feel better about myself. I don't feel badly about myself but I wish I had more self worth, and I don't know how to do that or what that means. I just want to talk to a counselor about it.

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