This is one of my main characters in my story Prince of Hell I have a collection of her already but I wanted to make a more organized folder of her for me and others to understand her

best friend Marissa
born in Crescent city CA
she is 5'4
she is 17 years old
her hair grows fast so she tries to keeps it short

girl image
Temporarily removed short hair image
Hair/fur color is light brown
red, fashion, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion and body goals image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
Temporarily removed father image quotes, Devil, and hell image angel, Devil, and eyes image
autumn, fall, and house image aesthetic, bedroom, and interior image interior and room image plants, room, and indie image Image by Jurnaldedesign kitchen image
actor, art, and awesome image Temporarily removed
parents Issac & Adina
boy, handsome, and Hot image celebrities, gif, and camila cabello image boy, boyfriend, and couple image boy, gif, and girl image
Lover Matias/ relationship