hey love

in the spirit of new shows leaving and coming to netflix, and because tv shows are the greatest creation to exist, i wanted to give ya'll some suggestions to shows you can binge watch

1) the office
i think this is obvious when i say that the office is just a masterpiece. many people have watched it sure, but if you haven't what the fuck are you doing stop reading this article and go watch a show about how people in an office live their everyday weird lives

the office, funny, and meme image

2) parks and recreation
this show makes me feel both heartfelt and amused. it's about a group of people who live their lives in different ways while working for the government, it's not as political as it sounds but it is funny about it

funny, lol, and parks and recreation image

3) big mouth
do not watch this show around younger siblings or your parents, it's seriously vulgar but super fucking fun to watch. just about middle school kids going through tough puberty and just like us, they freak out and do stupid shit

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4) that 70's show
sure it's an old show but old shows are the best shows. it's about 6 kids who are in high school and grow up while trying to figure life out

that 70s show image

5) friends
if you haven't heard of friends, again, stop reading this article and go watch it so it can change your life forever. friends is a classic show about 6 people over the course of 10 years that go through lots of changes and hardships. both funny and beautiful

friends, phoebe, and mad image

those are all the shows that i know you'd guys love to watch, there all binge worthy and can make you laugh, everyone loves to laugh. i hope you like this article and go check out some legendary shows to binge watch

bye love