Other school supplies are important but these items I recommend are a MUST have for this back to school year. Whether you're in middle school or high school, these items are needed and very useful. ^^

Index Cards

school, study, and college image notes, school, and study image
These are fantastic for school. Use them to write down any additional notes or you can use them as flashcards.


colors, Sharpie, and sharpies image colors, art, and color image
These come in handy for when you're doing school projects or for decorative purposes on other things.


school, college, and study image school, study, and notes image
Binders help keep your school bag or study desk more organized. When your teacher hands out notes, you can store them in there. They keep your papers safe and neat.


learning, papers, and research image goals, luxury, and mafia image
Saves more time from going to your school library or computer lab


alternative, coffee, and laptop image coral, eggs, and hair image
Storing essays and better for when you're doing researches.


bullet journal image calendar, etsy, and modern image
You either make one for yourself or buy one it doesn't matter. Calendars help plan out your days and keep you up to date on your daily works.

Water Bottle

Inspiring Image on We Heart It white, water, and aesthetic image
Drinking water keeps you refresh and energized especially when you're walking up and down to classes.

Flash Drives

keys and pendrives image oreo, usb, and food image
They provide storage for your computer

Dictionary & Thesaurus

book and vintage image books, illustration, and threadless image
These are really important especially for homework and studying and it increases your knowledge for upcoming essays or projects.


kawaii, squishy, and cute image
Use them to relieve stress from schoolwork or other things. Others won't agree with this but to some, it's needed.

Other Essentials :

~ Pencils/ Pens(Red, Blue & Black)
~ Calculator
~ Emergency Kit
~ Hand Sanitizer
~ Extra Snacks/ Candies (chocolate)
~ Scissors

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoy and do well in school.
“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” – Oprah Winfrey