Nickie Mazzaropi
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She is 19
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With friends & family

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Kelly Mazzaropi
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She is a police officer. Many people say that she looks like her daughter, except for the eyes. She loves to sleep and eat.

Older brother

Felix D’Amico
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Felix is 29 and a doctor. The last name D'Amico came from his father's family, who had a lot of wives throughout his life and abandoned his children.


Liam Devis
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More about Nickie Mazzaropi

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Nickie Mazzaropi is an American girl, she lives alone in an apartment in Las Vegas. Her mom lives with Felix near Nickie. Her father got married many times, with Felix's mom, who died, with Kelly and other women after them but abandoned the children, Felix and Nickie, with Kelly.
Nickie has never ever had a lot of friends spent part of her life in Kelly's work where she used to help resolve some cases and she started training some sports, above all martial arts.
Nickie's relationship with her mom and brother has been sweet, further the trauma she developed from being abandoned by her father, her family has helped her a lot throughout her life, even on dating Liam, who she has met when she was trained