HI it's me again !

I've seen articles about ''my dream closet'' so it brings me the idea to do an article about my dream room !

- My room wall color :

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by SamyAlejitaPerez Image removed

- My bed :

bedroom, home, and room image bed, bedroom, and details image friends, girl, and sleep image Image by K Y L I E
A comfy double place bed

- Comfy pillows ( a plus ) :

Image by iwasalilac_sky cozy, autumn, and fall image famous, Frida, and kahlo image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

- A desk :

desk, home, and room image home and desk image room, desk, and decor image desk, home, and room image
A large white desk

- Lights :

aesthetic, decor, and inspiration image Temporarily removed light, yellow, and blue image aesthetics, black, and desk image
I obviously need normal lights and a desk lamp !


book, mirror, and library image books, bookshelf, and cat image Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, vintage, and aesthetic image
When there is books around , I feel so good

- Mirror :

home, decor, and room image beautiful, bedroom, and inspiration image clothes, aesthetic, and room image accessories, art, and books image
I will need at least three mirrors because they reflect the beauty of everything and bring sunshine

- Plants :

home, house, and plants image book, plants, and decor image flowers, indie, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I love plants !

- wardrob/closet :

aesthetic, home, and closet image closet, wardrobe, and clothes image bedroom, fashion, and clothes image closet, beige, and shoes image

- Art and pictures :

bedroom, room, and van gogh image art, colors, and decor image aesthetic, theme, and art image room, plants, and book image
Art will always be my life


hope you all like it , bye !