Hey, this is my first article, I just wanted to try and inspire myself, while I'm out of ideas for my books.
Inspired by:


couple, love, and Relationship image hair, hairstyle, and blonde image fashion, outfit, and style image black and white, inspirational, and quotes image music, lana del rey, and arctic monkeys image food, breakfast, and friends image
She is the girl, who looks gorgeous in every type of clothes, eat enough for five people and still a skiny legend and always in love with a boy. She never hides her emotions or feelings, she loves everyone and the most understanding girl ever.


art, aesthetic, and alternative image Temporarily removed quotes, sarcasm, and art image honesty image drink, party, and friends image Image removed
She is my ultimate soulmate, I adore her with her sharp sarcasm, brutal honesty, black humour and arrogance. Big fan of Shawn and Van Gogh, loyal to Vans and kanken bags.


animal, cute, and dachshund image quotes, funny, and short image book, coffee, and fashion image animals, cute animals, and horse image Image removed fashion, coffee, and outfit image
She loves her dog and horse passionately, addicted to coffee, an absolute bookworm and she studies very hard. (mostly because of her mother.) She pays attention to her outfits and makeup, she is always on the top.


Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, Clueless, and drama queen image couple, love, and boy image fashion, girl, and gucci image black and white, funny, and funny face image
She is the biggest drama queen ever, altough she is very caring and cheerful. She is in love with love itself, she is an unstoppable shopaholic and always pervert.

Thank you for reading, I know it's a weak start, but I had fun and I hope I will gain some inspiration through my articles and get back to writing.
(If I made grammatical mistakes, I'm sorry.)