got inspired to do this from others so here you go!
here's bops everyone should have heard at least once in their life


psycho killer – talking heads
reminds me of The House That Jack Built

the house that jack built image killer, serial killer, and grunge image

can't sleep - k.flay
listen to it when you feel this "i wanna live in a shady area in a big city with neon lights, do drugs, go to illegal clubs and don't give a fuck anymore" vibe

neon, aesthetic, and light image Mature image

bad – christopher
heard it for the first time from 1million dance studio, fell in love with it

Image removed fire, aesthetic, and flame image

yesterday – the beatles
when you just get this really lovely feeling for love and romance and all that stuff but you remember you're still as lonely as always :,)

aesthetics, beach, and blue image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

the rockafeller skank – fatboy slim
brooklyn 99 vibes, listen to when you feel like doing some stupid and crazy shit with your friends. ravage around the city doing whatever and laughing your ass off

beautiful, boy, and funny image friends, grunge, and tumblr image

all night long – benjamin ingrosso
you go to a club, meet a person who's looking for adventure as much as you and leave with them, you run down the empty streets, it's 3am and have the night of your life with someone you just met but feels like you've known them forever

love, quotes, and couple image baby, run, and together image

imagination – traila $ong
you're out with your friends for a fun night, take LSD and suddenly you're being sucked in a universe that's like space but with all the rainbows colors and different shapes that always morphs into something else

gif, netflix, and black mirror image art, colorful, and trippy image

a little party never killed nobody (the great gatsby) – fergie
4 words: nighclub all night long
like, you might die bc of the partying but it was worth it

club, dance, and glow image Image removed

dysfunctional – tech n9ne
you feel like a criminal mastermind, like moriarty. amazing huh

sherlock, moriarty, and andrew scott image gif, Gotham, and cameron monaghan image

lions inside – valley of wolves
it's you against something and you're preparing for the war.
then it breaks free

Image by a n n a quake, agents of shield, and daisy johnson image

good vibrations – the beach boys
a movie intro and you're walking on the streets of new york, but like the neighborhood ones, and you order your coffe from the coffe shop like always. you're on your best mood, birds are like sining and dogs say hi to you

beautiful, fashion, and lua image discover, street, and walk image

neat neat neat – the damned
just, just baby driver. you're amazing behind that wheel sweetie

baby driver image baby, gif, and ansel elgort image

trouble – valerie broussard
a person who might seem all cute and innocent to others but when no one else is looking they're the baddest of all, masking their evilness and mastermind from others. then they reveal that side of them and everyones like woahh and now they're a riddle which is not to be solved

girl, cute, and innocence image megan fox, girl, and movie image

old yellow bricks – arctic monkeys
think the movie kingsman, spies in fancy suits who fights the enemy with cool stuff. "brains, skills"

kingsman, eggsy, and taron egerton image taron egerton and kingsman image

black magic – jaymes young
have you heard about the drug called love?

Abusive image call me by your name, love, and armie hammer image

dancing the whole way home – miss li
you met a boy/girl, you fell in love and your life became a musical

gif and la la land image Image removed


that's it I guess,,, for now ;)