I made a red bubble account, well I’ve had the account for a while. Since I will start college again soon I decided I should actually use it.

For my account’s first designs I made neon signs inspired by the neon sign seen in Yves’ ‘New’ music video.

yves, loona, and kpop image

The color of each girl’s neon sign is based on their assigned color.


gif, yves, and loona image

The designs are available on products such as stickers, mugs, phone cases, etc.

However, Red Bubble offers a variety of other products like notebooks, etc. the designs can be on. The pixel size I have the designs on do not provide the highest quality for those products. If someone wants to see the designs on the other products, please message me. I am willing to fix the design so the quality of the design is done well on the other products.

bbc, gif, and girl image

Here is the collection of the Loona ‘New” mv inspired neon signs:

And here is my Red Bubble account:

gif, girl, and kpop image

I do have other designs currently on my Red Bubble and will hopefully be updating my account regular with my art and edits.

Please follow, favorite and share.
Thank you.

kpop, new, and loona image