Name: Samantha Payne
Nickname: Sam
Birth date: 09th november
Zodiac sign: scorpio

Blood status

harry potter, hogwarts, and half-blood image


ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image blue, spells, and books image ravenclaw, blue, and harry potter image harry potter, hogwarts, and ravenclaw image


girl, beauty, and hair image aesthetic, dimples, and girl image Image by K Y L I E black, Easy, and moon image
short brown hair; brown eyes; pale skin; dimples; smalls tatoos.


stars and blue image sweater, hands, and cold image aesthetic, school, and test image lesbian, gay, and lgbt image Temporarily removed butterfly, blue, and wallpaper image
creative; intelligent; funny; loyal; independent; open-minded; empathetic; queer; feminist; brave.


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and grunge image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Image by Jess Chaos Image removed
basic; neutral colors; rings; shoes


winter, snow, and train image snow, winter, and aesthetic image harry potter and ravenclaw image beautiful, blue, and cosy image


photography, polaroids, and vintage image art, paint, and aesthetic image aesthetic, white, and headphones image vintage, aesthetic, and Letter image
photograpy; art; music; writing.


rainy image Temporarily removed bath, relax, and bubbles image food, sweet, and aesthetic image
rainy days; conf clothes; bath; confort food


Image by Eugenia owl, white, and animal image


otter, cute, and art image expecto patronum, harry potter, and otter image

Favorite subjects

potion, aesthetic, and harry potter image Temporarily removed harry potter, hermione granger, and hogwarts image magic, witch, and crystal image
potions; astronomy; charms; divination.

Yule ball

dress, fashion, and Prom image makeup, eyes, and beauty image champagne, drink, and luxury image dress, ballet, and dance image drink, party, and friends image astrology, astronomy, and moon image
went with group of friends; end the night hanging with best friends in the astronomy tower.

Best friends


girl, beauty, and hair image harry potter, ravenclaw, and blue image Image by K Y L I E couple, hands, and aesthetic image
more about Maya on my profile.


girl, hair, and beauty image harry potter, hufflepuff, and hogwarts image party, girl, and friends image girl, kylie jenner, and hailey baldwin image
more about Ally on my profile.


timothee chalamet, boy, and timothee image Temporarily removed couple, love, and hands image lgbt, boy, and gay image

Love interest

harry potter and fleur delacour image beauxbatons, blue, and harry potter image Image removed love, couple, and hug image
Fleur Delacour