that's why i let the teasing stop.

no matter how much i wanted it
i let you make that disappointed face

when it's not you i'm leaving with and when im gone

i think i should just stop
i think i need help
mending addiction to broken hearts
cant ignore what i do so well

dont wanna break nobody
so don't come near me
i'll tear you apart
for trying to please me.

ive been hurt before
thats not somebody i wanna be
a heartbreaker?
not a title for me

wanna let you touch me
even though i dont have tits like that girl
im not like anybody
still in my way you swirl

i can't take it off
but you can touch on top
you can smell my skin
guessing me to be everything im not!

do i seem like a slut
cause i've never done it!?

wtf is going on
what am i attracking from it

bees and birds that want a piece of my seeds right?
well step on off,we we're having a nice flight
i'm gone

but when you can't take your eyes off
flattered uh

animal, animals, and art image an angel...