Favourite movies

Temporarily removed inception, leonardo dicaprio, and Leonardo di Caprio image dead poets society, boys, and film image
> Stand by me, Inception, Dead Poets Society

Favourite comedy

Image removed hangover, the hangover, and movie image Mature image gif, jim carrey, and bruce almighty image
21 jump street, Hangover , Superbad, Bruce Almighty

Favourite romance

titanic, rose, and kate winslet image

Favourite rom-coms

Temporarily removed love, couple, and emma stone image

Favourite magic movies

Image removed movie and now you see me image
The Prestige, Now you see me

Best Fighting Movies

love, couple, and southpaw image Image removed Image removed
Southpaw, Fight Club, The Fighter

Favourite Drama

a beautiful mind, cinema, and film image 1979, dustin hoffman, and kramer vs. kramer image Image by ε=ε=ε=?