I've dealt with forehead bumps aka subclinical acne since I was 14, almost 4 years now... I've tried literaly everything, but nothing ever changed the texture on my forehead until now. Last week, these colorless bumps became red bumps... It looked so bad, I started doing some more research on how to get rid of it. I found a routine and I've been doing that same routine for 5 days now and I'm actually seeing improvement and the bumps are almost completely gone...

I never thought that they were so easy to get rid of, I really hope that this routine helps you the way it helped me...

1 | water! water! water!


2 | my routine

step 1: wash face
step 2: scrub (optional, every other day works best for me, use a gentle scrub!)
step 3: steam face (5-7min, not more than 10min because that can make the acne worse)
step 4: clay mask
step 5: toner

I've done this specific routine for 5 days and it's doing amazing things to my skin!

3 | hot lemon water

I drink 2 cups of hot lemon water every day (morning & night) and I think it's helped my skin a lot too.

Goodluck! :)

♡ > written by Rose (@rosesgardenx)

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