Part 1

Okay, so this is just my opinion, please don't kill me.
Also, if I get any facts wrong, feel free to tell me.
So let's begin :)

Signal isn't good but i doesn't deserve the hate it gets

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Yes, Signal wasn't good, the styling was horrible and the MV was weird. Some parts were also very annoying.
But the chorus was actually good and I love the choreography. Y'all are liars if you tell me you don't chirit chirit everytime this song comes on.
So, what I'm saying is, Signal isn't good, and I think it's Twices worst title track, but calling it the "worst song of Kpop" etc. is unneccessary.

Orbit is the best fandom

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(This is just my experience with orbits!)

Orbit is the least toxic fandom out there. Sure, the "Stan Loona" was annoying, but Orbits don't get involved in fanwars, they don't hate on other groups and idols as much, and they are truly supportive to their group Loona.
I mean obviously there have to be some toxic Orbits, there are toxic stans in every fandom, but I've barely seen one. I'm proud of y'all!

Stop bringing up Mamamoos scandal

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Yes, they did Blackface. Yes, that's wrong and unacceptable. But C'mon, that was ages ago.
They simply didn't know that doing Blackface was racist and offensive, they literally had no idea. And as soon as they found out they took the video down and apologized.
So stop bringing up this incident all the time. I've seen so many comments and had so many discussions about this. "iMaGiNe sTaNnInG rAciSTs", fck you.

Yes, BTS paved the way, now shut up about it

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Yes, BTS did pave the way. I'm not denying that. But don't bring that up all the time.
That they were the first group with international success doesn't make them any better than other groups.
Also, yes they paved the way, but now let other groups walk on that way please.
Stop belittleing other groups success by saying that "BTS paved the way", like yeah, we got it.

Red Velvet needs new stylists

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Lmao is that even an unpopular opinion?
Zimzalabim was a MESS. The outifts were HORRIBLE. They didn't match each other, they didn't complement the members, they didn't have a color concept (or any concept at all), Wendy looked like green cotton candy, they mixed patterns with patterns.
Tbh 6-year-old me did better when I would dress up.
Remember Bad boy era? Or even Peekaboo era?
I refuse to believe that the same stylists who designed the beautiful bad-boy-era outfits came up with this mess.

Dear Blackjacks, stop hating Blackpink

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Yes, 2ne1 deserved so much better. It was a stupid decision of YG to disband them, they were an amazing and talented group.
But stop blaming Blackpink, they aren't responsible for 2ne1s disbanding, YG is.
Also Blackpink isn't trying to be the "new 2ne1", Jennie isn't trying to be the new CL, so stop always comparing them and degrading Blackpink!
I've seen so many blackjacks belittle everything Blackpink does and hating them. "YG disbanded 2ne1 for this shit", "2ne1 were the queens of stage presence, Blackpink could never get close to them", "Blackpink can't sing"...
Really y'all are toxic!

Jennie isn't "overshining" the other members

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I mean yes she has the most Instagram followers, after Lisa. And she's being favored by YG a lot. But that's it.
Among blinks, my personal experience was that Lisa and Rosé were the most popular.
Everytime an Instagram fanpage asks "who's your bp bias?", 80% of the comments will be Rosé and Lisa.
Also, Jennie is the most hated members of the 4, so please stop blaming her for "outshining" the others or standing out too much when all of the 4 get to shine and get their time in the spotlight :)

No group is undeserving

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You can criticize a lot about groups (criticizing, not hating!), but claiming a group is "undeserving" is such an ignorant thing to say.
NO group is undeserving. We don't know what the members went through, how hard their training process was, how long they were trainees and so on.
But I'm almost certainly sure every idol had a hard time as a trainee. They have to practice their singing, rapping and dancing skill day and night, and some had to starve themselves to get the body the companies want them to have.
So you may criticize their songs, their skills, their personalities, but don't you dare say someone is "undeserving".

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